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Portfolio: Pete Richter for Sheriff

Pete Richter for website snapshot


"As a candidate for Sheriff in Q.A.Co. it became evident that I needed a website to compete with the big money boys. By accident I was informed of [Tatiana]'s computer talents, and her ability to set up a website. After one phone call, and one face to face I was up and running. Not only can she work wonders with the computer, [Tatiana] adds her own thoughts to fine-tune the job. I find [Tatiana] to [be] reasonably priced, sharp as a tack, and a good American." Pete Richter, candidate for Sheriff in Queen Anne's County

Site Information:

Pete Richter is a retired Baltimore City cop who is running for Sheriff of Queen Anne's County out of a desire to protect county citizens from corruption and abuse of power within the current Police Department. He contacted me in late July on the Kent Island Online forums about creating a website for his campaign. We met in early August to discuss his campaign and how he envisioned his website.

Pete is, in his own words, an "old-school kind of cop". It was very important to him that the photograph of his arrest of a cop-killer be the center-piece of the website, as it is in all of his campaign materials. I attempted to create an old-school, almost newspaper, kind of feel to the website by using very basic colors (red, white, blue, black, and yellow) and using the font Courier New for headers and the first letters of paragraphs. As the Constitution is the basis for Pete's interpretation of the law, I used an image of the Constitution as the header background.

The result is a website that represents Pete Richter and his campaign.

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