I'm a web designer who lives in Grasonville, MD. My primary goals when creating a wesbite are: displaying and organizing content in an intuitive and visually-pleasing way, and matching the website design to any other promotional materials. I'm a firm believer in creating websites that are simple—though not plain—and easy to use for everyone. To that end, I test each website I create in multiple browsers, window sizes, and text sizes. I aim to create websites that meet accessibility requirements and W3C standards.

My first experience using Microsoft Frontpage convinced me that writing websites line by line was the only way to prevent superfluous code from inflating the size of a webpage, which affects how fast a page will load. I taught myself HTML in 2001 and have been creating websites line by line ever since. I began learning CSS in 2004 and believe there will always be more CSS techniques to learn and master. In 2009, I started teaching myself PHP, which has revolutionized the way I create websites.

I believe in honesty and transparency in my billing practices, which is why I charge by hour instead of by project. This prevents the client from over-paying if I finish a project faster than expected and conversely prevents me from doing work for free if a project takes longer than expected. I charge an hourly rate of $45 per hour because I believe this is a fair price, though I have a policy of offering non-profit organizations a halved or negotiable hourly rate.


Jackson Ferrell has worn a lot of hats: speech pathology research associate, textbook editor, SAT/ACT tutor, and even purchasing rockstar. However, the hat you're most interested in is probably his freelance graphic designer hat.

Jackson has been designing graphics for display online since he was first introduced to the web. In addition to several freelance design and illustration projects, he has created his own webcomics, Pungirls and Borderline Boy, designing the site layout and graphics himself. He is a self-taught artist who believes that good work speaks for itself and experience is the best teacher. He strives for tight, clean, sharp-looking images that will convey what you want to say through your web presence.

You can see more of Jackson's work at his current cartooning project, Sketch Comedy, with Wordpress theme customization done by Line by Line.

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